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Ten Years of Trial Experience

Committed to fighting for you and not backing down until we’ve won an acquittal, a dismissal, or the best result for your future.

Compassionate, client-centered advocacy drives me and makes defending the criminally accused not just a career, but a calling for me.

Counsel for the most difficult time in your life. I never forget that my clients’ life and liberty is at stake, and I will use my decade of expertise to guide and empower you to make the best decisions in your case.

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Areas of Expertise

Criminal Defense

With a decade of experience and over 50 trials under my belt, I can provide a robust, tenacious defense of your case through negotiations to litigation.

Case Investigation

Tracking down witnesses and attention to detail can mean the difference between a guilty verdict and walking free. 

Protection Orders

Civil protection orders have long-term and far-reaching consequences that can affect your career, your finances, and even your home.

Sentence Mitigation

I specialize in gathering and presenting information to help the court and the prosecutor understand my client’s position and life experience, so they are persuaded to the right result.

Sex Offender Deregistration

You’ve completed treatment and you’ve played by the rules for years. I’ve helped dozens of people to convince the court to grant their petitions.

Probation Revocation

Fight for your right to have your voice heard and to prove yourself to the court and your community. Acting now increases our chances of success.

"Melissa Segers aggressively fought both cases as strategically as possible for the best outcome. She quieted all of my fears but was extremely open and clear of all the possibilities."
- Former Client
"With her assistance we were finally able to open the courts
eyes to see what had really been going on. Yes, we won the case because of her diligence in finding and presenting the facts to the court."
- Former Client
"Not only did she fight tooth and nail to get me the best deal, but she helped me through the entire process and made sure I understood everything along the way."
-Former Client
"She has knowledge in more than just the law, we had a complex case and she learned all she needed for the best out come for our family. Melissa is very open and straight forward and we really appreciated that."
- Former Client

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